Happy Friday everyone! How is your August going?

I’ve been doing pretty much nothing, aside from relaxing and sleeping that is, but I do have a few things that I am currently crazy for, some bookish, and some not, so I thought I’d write a post about it!

The Office

One thing I’ve been obsessed with all summer is the show, The Office. I can’t even begin to describe my love for this show. It makes me literally laugh out loud, until my stomach hurts and that is the best feeling ever. I also love Pam and Jim… so yeah. 😂

I am currently on season 6 episode 20, although I am probably farther by the time you guys are reading this.

Love Her Wild by Atticus

As a huge fan of modern poetry, I was ecstatic when earlier this month, “Instagram” poet, Atticus released a collection of his work. Being a longtime follower, I bought it asap, read it, and loved it of course! I would recommend Love Her Wild to any fans of modern poetry, as there is something in it for everyone.


This is completely un related to books, but I recently got a pair of Birkenstocks, and adore them! They are supportive for my feet, comfy, and match just about everything. I feel like I need a pair in every colour and style.


I am currently still on summer holidays, although there’s only two weeks left (😭) and me and my family are road tripping over to Prince Edward Island! We are staying in a little cottage and I am so excited to relax, be on a red sand beach, and tour around the island!

Those are a few things that I am loving right now!

What is something you’ve been obsessed with recently?

Have you gone back to school yet, if you are still a student?

And, did you go on a fun vacation this summer?

Let me know in a comment, I’d love to chat!

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