Welcome all witches and wizards to my Harry Potter themed post in honour of #HarryPotter20!

It has been 20 years exactly since Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was published. So many people are saying that they can’t believe that it has been that long but honestly, I can believe it. 

I don’t even remember a time when Harry Potter wasn’t in my life. I read then when I was in grade 3, and have been utterly obsessed ever since, so it basically has always been with me.

A mind blowing thing to me is that now my sister, who is in grade 3, has started reading the Harry Potter books, (she is on The Order of the Phoenix) and it makes me overjoyed to see her reading them and slowly falling more in love as she reads each book.

Today, in celebration of the wonderful last 20 years of Harry Potter, I am going to share a list of my 5 favourite things about the Harry Potter series. Enjoy!

#1: Harry Potter ignited my love of reading.

I wouldn’t be here, blogging, raving about books, if it hadn’t been for Harry Potter. Harry Potter was the first series I fell in love with. It was the first series that hooked me in from the start and made me never want to stop. It was the series that made me want to pick up every book I ever picked up after, because it showed me how much joy I could get, just from opening up a book.

#2: Ginny Weasley 

She was my absolute favourite character from the whole entire series for probably five years. She still is in my top five of course but I literally wanted to be Ginny when I was little. She was strong, and that is what drew me to her the most I think. I mean come on, have you seen her in The Order of the Phoenix? She is a complete bad*ss! I am still quite a bit upset about how downplayed she was in the films, but I still loved movie Ginny to death as well. Also, will anyone sign my petition to get Ginny her own Funko Pop? How does she not have one yet?

#3: What role models all the women in Harry Potter truly are.

J.K. Rowling wrote every single woman in that series to be so strong, and they inspire me every day. Hermione, Ginny, Luna, Molly Weasley, McGonagall, literally every single one. 👏🏻 

#4: The world, and how it was brought to life.

The whole world and magic in Harry Potter, and how complex and wornderful it all is, was brought to life perfectly in the films. It is honestly like the directors read my mind. To see our favourite novels brought to screen with amazing actors, filmography and editing definitely added to everything..

#5: How is will never die. 

You could take this two was. One way is: Jo keeps expanding on the world, whether it is on Pottermore, through Fantastic Beasts or through the theme parks. Or a second way: The books will never grow old. I can go back an reread them a million times and I will never get tired of them. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! I had a fun time reminiscing on my love for Harry Potter, thats for sure.

What is your favourite thing about Harry Potter? Let me know in a comment, I’d love to chat! (Especially about HP LOL!) And if you haven’t read the series yet, I hope all of this #HarryPotter2o stuff is making you want to pick them up!

Buy the 20th anniversary Harry Potter’s here: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin.

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17 thoughts on “5 Of My Favourite Things About Harry Potter! #HarryPotter20

  1. I also love that so many of the actors and actresses involved are incredible role models as well! Sirius was my favorite character and his death actually helped me cope with the death of a friend. And of course, HP taught me that I love to read! Great post and cheers to life being magical for the last 20 years!

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  2. Totally agree about women being role models in Harry Potter, but also cannot help but think of all those female unpleasantness being thrown by Rowling here and there, such as Rita Skeeter, Dolores Umbridge and Bellatrix Lestrange…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ahhhh yes this post is spot on!! I love the Harry Potter series so much, forever will have a place in my heart! I love the world, the role models, as you said, and GINNY SHOULD TOTALLY HAVE A FUNKO POP!! ❤❤ So many amazing female characters in HP ahhhh.

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  4. Point 3! Oh my god! So true… There is nothing more amazing than seeing a bad us female character. One that does not depend on anybody but that a lot of people depend on her. I have never like shows, animes, or books where is always about rescuing the girl because the girl is portrayed as weak or so.

    Women are nothing but weak, and I agree that these books show a different perspective and is revolutionizing female roles.

    Without Hermione Harry would have died a long time ago… XD

    I hope you could check around my blog and feel free to commend on anything you like! Thank your for sharing!!

    PS: I am reading HP for the first time hehe

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      1. Well this is just the 4th book but I am in love, and I do not know how someone wouldn’t. haha

        I feel joy when I open the book and I know that I will be reading an amazing book!

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