Hey bookworms! Today I am here with a super excited post! It is my first blogger interview! 

I mentioned how I was going to start doing interviews with some of my favourite book bloggers about two weeks ago in my post “Some Changes Are Happening“, and now that I’ve got all my questions and figured out my layout for these posts set, I will be interviewing a different book blogger about once or twice a month!

I hope you guys enjoy these, I think it is a great way for me to connect with my fellow bloggers, and for you guys to find some new awesome blogs!

The first blogger you are going to get to know is Zuky from BookBum!

My name is Zuky, I’m 20 and from the UK. I have two little doggos, who are my absolute everything… oh yeah, and I’ve have a boyfriend of 4 years too… I’m, obviously, hugely into reading, but I’m super picky about what I read! I love mystery, crime and thriller novels and I’m also a massive fan of horror, but it can be so tricky to get right. I have very little other interests other than reading, but I do enjoy a good movie & TV shows every so often.

When did you start blogging, and what inspired you to do so?

I started my current blog in January of this year (I had another one before that, but it wasn’t on a community website like WordPress so I didn’t have any followers or comments etc). What intially inspired me to start blogging was just that I wanted a place I could call my own, where I could voice all my thoughts and opinions. I liked using Goodreads for my reviews, but I wanted a more flexible place to do my own thing. I also love the design aspect of blogging, so that inspired me to create my own site too.

Is there a book/series that got you into reading? If so, what book?

Yes! The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August by Claire North was the book that got me back into reading after I finished school. It opened my mind to realising there was so much good literature out there to explore, rather than it just being the same old droll that we were made to read in English classes.

Do you have any auto-buy authors?

Yes, I have a couple. I auto-buy anything from Stephen King if I find his work in a charity shop or secondhand book store. I have also auto bought M. R. Carey’s last two books after only having read his first!

What is one book that you would recommend to anyone, reader, or not?

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is my go-to answer for this question. It’s such an amazing piece of literature, and with such an important message too. It’s one of those books everyone should read before they die.

What was the last book you added to your goodreads TBR, and why did it spark your interest?

Are You Sleeping by Kathleen Barber. It sparked my interest because a Goodreads friend had added it to their own TBR, and the synopsis, which called it a “twisty psychological thriller” sounded like something I’d enjoy.

Do you prefer physical books or e-books?

I much prefer physical books. There’s something nice about holding the book in your hands while you read. I do like ebooks though, especially since getting a Netgalley account and having to commute to work by train everyday.

Do you have a favourite genre? Why do you like it so much? Can you give me a book recommendation from that genre?

My favourite genre is definitely mystery. I like thrillers and I like horror too, as close second and third genres, but there is something about mysteries that really interest me. I like that they don’t always have to be based around a crime. They can often be subtler to the reader than just having murders as the main plot point and they can also be really creepy, which is something I love, as big horror fan. Oh, I could be here forever with recommendations, but I’ll say Sometime I Lie by Alice Feeney, as that’s been a recent 5 star mystery read of mine!

What is the next book you’re planning on reading, and why?

I never keep to a tidy reading schedule so it’s hard to say for this one. I have A Margin of Lust by Greta Boris to read from Netgalley and me and fellow book blogger Janel @ Keeper of Pages are planning to do a buddy read of Between You and Me by Lisa Hall, so I’ll probably start that one soon.

What hobbies do you have other than reading?

Honestly, not an awful lot! I like watching films, but I’m nowhere near as into it as I used to be. Does watching YouTube count as a hobby? If yes, then that’s probably my only other hobby outside of reading and blogging! I don’t really watch any BookTuber’s, I like the gaming channel FunHaus, beauty channels like Tati (GlamLifeGuru) and Drea CN, and then other random channels like iDubbbzTV and h3h3. 

If you could have dinner with any book character, who would you choose, and where would you eat?

This is a really tricky question! Maybe Atticus Finch, from TKaMB, and I feel like I’d need to take him somewhere reasonably fancy, but also humble, so maybe a small family owned Italian restaurant… I feel like he’d like Italian food.

Now that you have got to know Zuky a bit make sure you go and follow her blog! Although we have very different reading tastes I thoroughly enjoy all of her posts, meet the bloggers, and reviews!

I actually reached out to Zuky asking her if she wanted to do an interview, and we did one about me for her blog too, so don’t forget to check that out as well!
Also, I you would like to be interviewed for my blog, or interview me for your blog, don’t hesitate to contact me on goodreads, or by email! (EmmaTheBookLover1@gmail.com)

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    1. It was so fun!! And I need to read TKAM too ahhhh, but I think it is a required read for school next year, so I might just wait until then TBH 😂

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