With the summer approaching quickly I thought I’d make a quick post sharing some of the books I’ll be diving into this summer.

I’m planning (who knows if it’ll actually happen though), on reading 20 books during my summer break. *gasp* That seems like a lot right? Well, I want to get ahead on on my goodreads challenge, and if I am capable of reading up to 8 books in a normal school month, so I know I am more than capable of reading 10 books in July and 10 in August since there’s no school!

I am also going on a road trip with my family for vacation in August, and I don’t get car sick reading, so I will be able to read a bunch then!

Enough with my summer plans though, and on to the books!

The first few I want to knock out this summer are the whole entire Throne of Glass series!

I am a huge fan of Sarah’s ACOTAR series, and finally got around to buying her other series! I’m thinking that summer will be the perfect time to binge these books, especially since Tower of Dawn will be out in September!

I also want to finally conquer I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson.

I feel like this is such a classic to have on my TBR lists since it has been appearing on them since I first started my blog in 2015! But I am determined to knock this off my TBR this summer! If I don’t… someone hold me to it and yell at me until I read it! 😂 

I also want to read This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab in the coming months.

I bought this one last summer, but never got around to it but now that I’ve read Victoria’s Shades of Magic seasons and know that I love her writing style I cannot wait to dive into this one soon, especially since the sequel is out soon too!

Those are the books that are highest on my tbr out of all the books I own! Of course I want to read more, but I’m trying to get myself to read all the tbr books that I own before I go off buying more. Also my birthday is in a week and I am bound to get some books for that, and I’m sure I’ll read those this summer as well.

What is one book that is on your summer TBR? 

Have you read any of these books? How did you like them?

Let me know in a comment! I’d love to chat!

27 thoughts on “Books On My Summer TBR!

  1. I really want to get through the throne of glass series this summer as well! I’m on heir of fire at the minute but I just haven’t been picking it up for some reason. I think my main reading goal for summer though is to finally read some of the books that have been on my TBR the longest. So far I’m thinking; since you’ve been gone, cinder and daughter of smoke and bone. I hope you get to all these soon! Great post ❤️

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    1. Yeah summer is the best time for finishing up series! I read Since You’ve Been Gone last summer and it was great! The perfect summer read honestly! Thank you. 😀

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    1. Oh thats cool that you like acotar more! Although I have heard that the ToG series gets better as it goes 🤷‍♀️


  2. I haven’t read anything by SJ Maas yet.I was also planning to read at least one of her series.This Savage Song is good and I am waiting for book 2 to release 🙂

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  3. I’ll Give You The Sun is a BEAUTIFUL book. Jandy Nelson’s writing is just gorgeous. Omg you made me want to reread it. I think I’ll Give You The Sun was actually one of the first reviews I ever posted on my blog.

    I really want to read This Savage Song too. I finished Shades of Magic a couple weeks ago and after initially being underwhelmed (I think I was in a weird place when I read the first book I think) I fell in SERIOUS love during A Gathering of Shadows.

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    1. AHHH I love hearing good things about I’ll Give You The Sun! It makes me want to read it even more!

      It’s good that you fell in love with the Shades of Magic series in the end! It is truly an amazing series! Thank you for such a nice comment! 😀 ❤

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    1. Yeah I doubt they will take me long, especially since I am reading them without school! I bet I will love them!


  4. I’ll Give You the Sun is so amazing, one of my favourite contemporaries and This Savage Song is also so great omg. ❤ VE Schwab is one of my favourite authors ever haha. Throne of Glass is super entertaining as well! Hope you enjoy all of these books if/when you get around to them this summer. 🙂

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  5. I’ll Give You the Sun has been on my TBR for so long! (Though not as long as you haha!) And I want to read This Savage Song as well! I’ve read Schwab’s Shades of Magic trilogy and the Archived series, and I’m currently reading Vicious. She’s an amazing writer!

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