Today, I was lucky enough to go to a Sarah J. Maas signing! Although I wasn’t lucky enough to be one of the first 250 people and didn’t get a wrist band (therefore not able to get my boo signed), the Q&A was awesome to be at, and I got a ton of great pictures!

I thought as a fun little post, I would share how the day went!

So honestly, I didn’t know how many people would be at the signing. On Facebook 260 people had clicked that they were “going” to the event, so I knew there was a chance that I might not get a wrist band, but I brought books to get signed in hopes that I would.

My mom and I thought we would be super smart and get to the Chapters at 11, when the store opened and we would be sure to get a wrist band.

Boy, oh, boy were we wrong! As I walked into the bookstore at quarter past 11 there were hundreds of people lined up, way over 250, so I knew I wasn’t getting a wrist band but I still was excited for the Q&A! Me and my mom decided to not get in line to buy ACOWAR, because we were just going to buy it after the signing, and we headed upstairs.

Mind you we were still two hours early for the Q&A, and hungry, we decided to try to find a spot to sit for the Q&A. All of the space in front was already filled by people in roped lines, and they had wrist bands. My mom and I found a cozy spot in an isle right beside the line, still able to see Sarah, and camped for the next two hours. 

After two hours of eating scones from Starbucks and me finishing my reread of ACOTAR, it was finally time!

Amidst the screaming and cheering as Sarah walked out my mom managed to catch two super good pics of Sarah as she walked by!

The Q&A was honestly great. She talked about Throne of Glass, which is the highest on my TBR right now, ACOWAR of course, Rhys, her dog, growing up as a nerd, her lack of musical talent and so much more. I also wasn’t spoiled for any of Throne of Glass, which is what I was concearned about, so that’s good!

I talked to a lot of other bookworms, about ACOTAR, ToG, books in general, blogging, Hamilton and more! It was a really great time! It was so cool to see so many fans of the same book and author in the same spot! Everyone had their copies of the series, and were smiling, all surrounded by books, it was awesome.

Also, on the way out I got a picture with her husbad hahahaha. I mean I can’t say I’ve met Sarah J. Maas, but at least I can say that I’ve met her Rhys-look-a-like husband. 😹👌🏻🙌🏻

Overall, it was a fun day with my mom, and we also got to do a bit of shopping after, plus I finally got my hands on A Court of Wings and Ruin, so I would say it wasn’t too shabby for my first book signing ever!

Have any of you been to book signings? Which authors have you met? Which would you like to meet? Let me know in the comments!

15 thoughts on “I Went To A Sarah J. Maas Signing!

  1. Omg you’re so lucky!! I’m glad you had such a great time even though you didn’t make it into the signing! 😊💗 I know someone else who went and she told me that the 250 spots were already full by 8:30am! I had to work tonight so I couldn’t go but I’m hoping she’ll come back for a Tower of Dawn tour!!

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    1. I’m hoping she will come back too! I talk to some people who were there at 4am from Nova Scotia and some from Ottawa! The Q&A was so good though I’m super happy that I went! ❤

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      1. Idk if they will be on YouTube, there was no filming allowed but maybe someone did anyway!


  2. Ugh I’m so jealous!! My friend got to go to one of her signings last year and it’s on my bucket list now. You should definitely read Throne of Glass, it’s really good especially if you like ACOTAR.

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    1. Yeah I bought the whole ToG series last month and am going to binge them this summer, I am so excited! Her signing was so fun, definitely go if she comes near you!

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