And just like that January is over and I’m here with a quite underwhelming wrap up and book haul. January was crazy for me. It was the last three weeks of the semester and then exams so I’m actually surprised to have read 2 whole books! I was drowning in schoolwork all through the month and then studying for exams through the end of the month so coming out having actually read a bit is good. Also first semester was my hard semester, and now it’s over (finally) so I’m finally going to have the time to read loads and write many more posts.

What I Read:

My True Love Gave To Me by Various Authors – ★★★

I actually wrote a separate review for this book (click here for it) but basically to sum it up, I wasn’t a huge fan but I’m glad I read it. I just never connect to the charaters in short stories. But it was still a nice read for around Christmas time & winter. If you are someone who does like short stories and doesn’t mind the briefness of them, I would definitely recommend picking this up.

Wayfarer by Alexandra Bracken –  ★★★★.5

I read Passenger mid-December last year and absolutely fell in love with it, so when I saw this at the end of last month on shelves early at my local bookstore I snatched it so quick. And although I do think that I loved the first book (which I gave 5 stars to) better, Wayfarer definitely didn’t disappoint and was an extremely satisfying ending to the duology. If you are a fan of time travel or history, the Passenger duology is definitely for you, check it out!

What I Bought:

And surprisingly, I bought no books this month! Wow self control, am I right? Ahahaha I’m kidding, I just bought so many right after Christmas with all my gift cards and was so busy with school that I simply didn’t even have time to go to the bookstore. But I do have my eye on a few books right now that I think I’ll order online tonight. 😉

That’s it for my wrap up and haul (or lack there of a haul), I hope this post wasn’t too pointless.

How was your reading month? What was the best book you read this month and what is the book you bought that you are most excited to read? Let me know in a comment!

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