As you guys probably know if you read my blog regularly, September and October were some not-so-great reading months for me and really took a dip into my bucket and set me back some books for my reading challenge. This month I was getting back into things and come out with having read 4 books, which isn’t great, but better than it could have been so I’m happy enough.

I’m also, and I cringe writing this, a whole nine books (if you don’t include my two rereads from this year) away from completing my goodreads goal of 60 books. Now, I only have one month to read nine books, but I do still have faith in myself since I’ll be in Christmas break for about a week of December, and driving to family and friends houses, so that should help me get more reading in but I’m definitely going to push myself to read nin or more books to complete my goal!

But this post isn’t about the books I’ll be reading soon, it’s about the books I read in November!

The Sun Is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon

I started off the month by finishing The Sun Is Also a Star, the day it came out actually, November 1st. I bought it the day before I’m pretty sure, I guess my bookstore had it out early hahaha. But I read Nicola Yoon’s debut, Everything, Everything last year and had a few problems with the insta love but saw a lot of potential in her writing, so I picked up her second book! I do have to say that I probably like it about the same as Everything, Everything. I think I ended up giving it 3.5/5 stars, but again, it was just full of insta love which is my number one pet peeve, and although the diversity in it was super important, I didn’t fall in love with the charaters or the romance. I do recommend it to people who loved Everything, Everything, and I do still see potential in Yoon’s writing so I will probably pick up her next book as well.

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Next I finally got to Red Queen, which I’be owned for about a year now, and also heard loads about, good and bad. I went into it with a blank slate, I kinda had started ignoring people’s opinions towards it because I had heard such mixed things but I definitely think people over exaggerated when they said it had too many YA book tropes. I actually quite enjoyed Red Queen, it was a more light fantasy, and although I wasn’t super attached to the main character Mare, I quite like Cal and I’m definitely going to be continuing with the series when the third one comes out (I’m currently reading Glass Sword actually). I also tend to really enjoy books that take place in royal settings like castles so I loved reading about Mares life as a princess. In the end I gave it a solid 4/5 stars.

Le Robinson du Metro by Felice Holman

We read this book in French class so I decided that I might as well put it in my wrap up and count it towards my goodreads goal hahaha. I think it gave it 2/5 stars. It was particularly painful to read in class because we had to read parts out loud and the kids in my class can hardly read French but the overall story line wasn’t bad and I feel like if reading it wasn’t dragged out over classes, I wasn’t having to read it for class and if it was in English, I would have liked it more but honestly it was probably better than other books we could have read.

Queen Song (Red Queen novella) by Victoria Avyard

And I ended the month by reading this novella because I wanted something quick to read and I have to say, sometimes when I read novellas I get frusterated because they are completely unnecessary but I loved this one a lot. Conaine’s life was so interesting, it was a shame the novella was so short because it’s hard to ajust into the world quick but it was so interesting. I almost wish Victoria did a prequel book about her life I just loved her as a character. Also having read the second Red Queen novella this month already (December) I like this one even more because I really didn’t like Steel Scars. Overall I gave it 4/5 stars and am very pleased with it!

There’s all the books I read in November. If I can read nine more books in December (I’ve already read one) then you should be expecting a large wrap up at the end of this month (fingers crossed that I meet my goal)! I also just bought Heartless by Marissa Meyer which I am so excited to dive into when I finish Glass Sword! How about you guys? Was November a good reading month for you? What was the best book you read last month?

16 thoughts on “November Wrap Up!

    1. Yeah I’m fine reading out loud in English and French because I’ve been in French immersion since grade one but I know kids in my class don’t like it very much, it’s too bad. But yeah I don’t mind reading in French I sometimes wish my teacher would choose more sur rent books though 😦


    1. Red Queen is super enjoyable and I just finished the sequel and liked it too !! And thanks, I’m making progress on it already so hopefully of thus month I’ll make it to 60 😀


    1. I can see why some people wouldn’t love it but those things didn’t really bother me, overall I really enjoyed it and I just finished glass sword last night and enjoyed it as well !!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yay, glad you did. I had some problems with Glass Sword – it was a little bit slow, well the first half was but the second half was amazing. That book broke my hear because of something that happened…

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