One hour ago Pottermore tweeted that Harry Potter And The Cursed Child is coming to Broadway.

I feel like I’m actually insane for already writing a post about it but besides texting my parents (that we will be going), I knew that the only people who would be as excited as I am would be you guys!

I am so beyond excited because I am already a crazy Broadway fan (Hamilton, Wicked, Waitress, etc) but also, NYC is only an 8 hour drive from where I live and that is way more reasonable than flying to bloody London to see the play!

Not much has been said yet… well obviously since the news was dropped an hour ago, but what we know from the Pottermore article that the tweet link is that The Cursed Child is coming in Spring 2018, and it’ll be in the Lyric Theatre (which is getting redone) on Broadway in NYC.

To read the article for yourself click here!

Now that you’ve read about this amazing news, how do you feel? When I first read the tweet I actually screamed hahaha.

And I know that spring 2018 is still a ways away but imagine all the news, pictures, videos and more that we are going to be getting! Between this and Fantastic Beasts I’m going to have a heart attack, it’s all just too exciting!

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