The other day when the third book on the Red Queen series was revealed to be King’s Cage I was dying for the cover reveal, and now it’s come!!!

I do have to say, it my least favourite of the three, but the colour is gorgeous. I’m nit a big fan of the crown, it just doesn’t look as glamorous as the other two, which is one of my favourite parts about the other covers. But the series will be so pretty together once it’s complete!

And like Mariana who did a post about the cover reveal (which I’ll link here because her blog is amazing), I can’t say anything about the little tag line “All Will Burn”, because I haven’t actually read the series, but I’m planning on reading Red Queen and Glass Sword next week at the cottage, and I can’t wait!

Let me know in the comments, have you read Red Queen and Glass Sword? What do you think of the King’s Cage cover?

14 thoughts on “Kings’ Cage Cover Reveal!

  1. I haven’t read Red Queen yet, but I love the covers for that and Glass Sword so much. I was a bit disappointed by the cover for King’s Cage. The crown looks so flat and fake compared to the others. I’m not sure why it didn’t fellow the same glass design either, it looks sorta plastic-y.

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