I don’t know about you guys but sometimes I have a hard time picking what book I should read. I’m having that problem right now actually because I just finished A Court Of Mist And Fury on Saturday but I have so many books to choose from because I got so many books for my birthday! I just don’t know what to read next.

I started the biography of Alexander Hamilton which is great so far but I’m thinking it’ll be a book I read a few chapters from each night before bed, not one that I take to school and dance, because it is incredibly large and very heavy.

I’m feeling in a big fantasy mood but I also have some new contemporaries I want to read! I just don’t know what to do! And usually when I’m struggling with what to read I will reread a book, but I have so many new books (and ones that have been on my shelf for a bit too) calling my name!

Maybe you guys can help me out, how do you choose what book to read next? Do you just go with what you kind of want to read or do you have a set tbr for each month?

27 thoughts on ““What to read, what to read ?” How Do You Choose What To Read Next?

  1. I’m pretty much a mood reader. I have a TBR on Goodreads and when I am in need of something new to read, I usually look through it and request the book at the library that I feel like reading the most. Also, when I have ARCs I need to read, I read an ARC, then a physical book, and then another ARC until I’ve finished and reviewed them all! Hope I helped 🙂

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  2. Mood reading makes tackling TBRs difficult. Assuming I have the ARC or finished copy, for me, it’s about finding something with a synopsis that piques interest at the time. Then it’s up to the first few chapters to grab hold of me then I’d feel invested to finish it (considering I actually don’t–or try not to–DNF).

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    1. Yeah I’m definitely a mood reader that’s why I never do monthly tbrs, I just wouldn’t stick to them. If I don’t get hooked right away I tend not to continue right away (unless it’s part of a beloved series and I know to keep going)


      1. Yeah I tend to go to Instagram, but thanks so much for the help. Maybe I should consider getting Twitter hahahha, I’ve been debating it for a while but haven’t got around to it.

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      2. Twitter is fun! I’ve met a lot of new bloggers there. I’ve also wasted hours I could’ve spent reading…so use it at your own risk I guess. 😂😂

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  3. I’m definitely a mood reader which makes it really hard to follow a TBR or decide what to read next, haha. I suggest going with what you’re feeling strongest about so maybe some fantasies similar to ACOMAF? Whenever I can’t decide I read the first few chapters of whatever books I have and then whichever pulls me in the strongest is what I decide to go with. I hope you enjoy whatever you choose ♥

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    1. Thanks for the help. I’m a mood reader too (hence the reason I’m struggling to pick and not going to my tbr) but I think I’ll take your advice and go with a fantasy.


  4. I am very much a mood reader, so I choose a book and then go with it. But sometimes I try a book and after a couple of pages I know it’s not the right fit for now and switch. But if there are multiple books you want at the same time, maybe you can just pick the titles from a jar and go with whatever the result is.

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    1. Yeah I think I’m just a bit overwhelmed with the good options and want to get to them all. I’m feeling like fantasy so I think, from everyone’s suggestions I’m going to put the names in a jar or ask my mom to choose one for me !

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  5. I’m a super huge mood reader (and an easily-distracted one too because of it) but, right now, I choose which book to read by reading the first page. If it captures my interest, I’ll go with it. If not, I pick up another one and another until I get one. If there’s a bunch of books that I want to read at the same time, I put them in a separate pile near my reading spot so that if I suddenly feel like reading a different book, I’d still have one I’m excited to read ready 🙂

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  6. I’m very much a mood reader and I pick books based on what I’m feeling. If I have no clue what to read next, I pick 5 books I’m interested in and read the first chapter or so of each and see what grabs my fancy. Hope that helps. 😊

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