Different Ways To Organize Your Shelves

Hey everyone! Yesterday I reorganized my shelves twice… all 236 of the books. It was a lot of work. You are probably wondering why I reorganized it twice. I tried to do rainbow shelves and then once they were done I didn’t like how the series weren’t together and I just didn’t like the way they looked so I reorganized them back to how I normally have them. I have so many paper cuts and scratches now from books falling yikes.

But now they look wonderful and I’m super happy with the way they look! It’s different then they were before but I stil similar how I like it.

I am thankful for all that organizing though because it gave me the idea for this post! Different ways to organize your shleves! Everyone is different and some people don’t care too much how their shelves look but I personally need the to look super organized and perfect.

As you can see I’ve got a lot of books, not all of them are even in this picture, I have another mini shelf and some at the bottom that didn’t make it into the picture. Needless to say, I have to keep my books organized!

SO, here are six different ways to organize your shelves! Hope you enjoy!

#1: Height

This is one third of how I do my shelves but organizing books by height (all normal sized hard covers together, all tap hard covers together etc) always looks super put together and satisfying. A great way to organize!

#2: Colour

RAINBOW SHELVES! They either work or they don’t. About a year ago when I didn’t have as big of a collection I did rainbow shelves for a bit and I loved them!! Since my collection has grown they tend to not work when I try it out. I have too many black/dark and white books. But agood way to organize smaller collections of books or perhaps if you have a smaller shelf or a tbr shelf, you could organize them in a rainbow.

#3: Author

This is the second third of the way I organize my shelves, all series together and authors that I have multiple books from go all together, it’s a great mix with height and my next way, genre.

#4: Genre

All contemporaries together, all fantasy series together, it’s pretty self explanatory but a great way to arrange your shelves.

#5: Favourites closer to the top

I tend to do this not even on purpose, but putting books you enjoyed more, closer to the top and then ones you didn’t really love closer to the bottom making your favourites seen more and more accessible.

#6: To be read and read shelves

Seperating the books you’ve read and books you’ve yet to read onto two different shelves. I’ve seen this done a lot. I’ve also seen people organize their ‘read’ shelves super neatly and then do a rainbow with their ‘to be read’ shelf.

There are six different ways to organize your shelves, I organize mine by height and genre but also by author because if authors have multiple books I’ll put them together and I of course put series together.

Let me know below, how do you organize tour shelves! I hope you have a good day!

37 thoughts on “Different Ways To Organize Your Shelves

  1. I put my favs on the top and series must be together! I think if one day I try to have a Rainbow bookshelf it might last a day, because I have a thing that series need to be together.
    I also have all my read books in some shelves and my TBR in other.

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    1. Yeah the series-not-being-together thing bothers me too, when I get another bookcase I am going to do a tbr shelf too, then I know exactly where to go when I don’t know what to read!

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    1. Thank you! I am a sucker for good deals so when there is sales I tend to just buy a lot and I also will buy complete series at once which is a bad habit but I love my books.

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    1. Thank you! Organizing books is a struggle!!! It used to take me hours because I couldn’t choose where to put everything.


    1. Oh man, I can’t even imagine how much I would miss my books, when I’m in University it’ll be so hard for me to choose which books to take and which to leave!


    1. I used to be like that, I had a tiny shelf and then books EVERYWHERE, hopefully you get shelves soon! It’s so satisfying to organize new shelves.


  2. I organize my shelves by author last name alphabetically – I feel like I bring out the librarian in me πŸ˜‚
    Although I do agree about arranging it by height and favourites, I prefer showcasing the books I love at eye height where I can always see it when I stand in front of the shelf.

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  3. Mine tend to go in a general random places, although I have all of my books in a series together (sometimes if they’re by the same author but not a series they won’t be), but I really like the idea of a TBR/non-TBR organisation! I might try it! Nice post. πŸ™‚

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  4. Haha, I love how important book shelf organizing is to the bookworm community! To normal people it’s practically nothing, but here, it basically defines your reading personality/status. Not really, but I just kind of like how everyone has their own organizing preference. Ahhh to be honest, I don’t have enough books to organize all nicely. I borrow all of mine because I never reread my books except for my most favourite ones so I only have one shelf of books! (Sometimes you’re tempted to just virtually steal super aesthetically nice book shelves from people off the photos haha) But even before I knew that bookshelf organizing was a thing, I’ve always ordered them by height and thickness! It’s strange and I thought that it was only me being particular about books on shelves but now it’s reassuring to know that most everyone is like this too! πŸ˜›

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      1. Yeah I tend to reread if I need to get out of a slump and just for the fun a lot, I don’t ever feel guilty for pushing things back on my tbr, I’ll get to them eventually.

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  5. Your shelves are beautiful and make me want to rearrange my books again. I used to do it by if I had read the book or not and by the author because I used to like my unread books together so I can cry about how bad I am for buying books I’ll probably never read. I liked my authors together because you can’t separate a family. I changed my mind about that more recently and now it’s arranged by genre or books that I think are kinda similar. Great post!

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    1. That’s a good way to organize your shelves ! And thank you ! If you like my shelves here, you should see my new ones, I’ve got three new bookcases !!


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