5 Reasons Why… I’m Excited For ‘The Trials Of Apollo’

Hey everyone!! Since I started my blog back in September I’ve always wanted to do a ‘series’ reoccurring kind of thing where I talked about books I love or books I don’t love as much so that is what this is! I’ll be starting to do posts called ‘5 Reasons Why’ and I think the name is a bit self explanatory but I will give 5 reasons why I love a certain book or movie or ship. You get the idea right?? 😂

So happy first post to my new series. Today I’ll be sharing my 5 Reasons Why I’m Excited For ‘The Trials Of Apollo”.

For those of you don’t know, The Trials of Apollo is a new book series that is coming out (the first one coming out in May) written by Rick Riordan. It takes place after the war in the last Heroes of Olympus book and the main character and narrator is the god himself, Apollo. Zeus has punished him by turning him into a 16 year old boy and it’ll follow his adventures.img_3393-1#1: Its in the Percy Jackson world… that alone has me sold. 

Greek mythology is just one of my favourite things and after ten books in the Percy Jackson world I am not ready for the books to stop… Rick, just keep them coming!

#2: First person point of view!!

First person POV is my favourite because you are in the characters head and get to know all their thoughts.

#3: All of the chapter names are HAIKUS .

Okay I don’t know about you but I love small things in books like chapter names or drawings that add a little more to a book and the fact that the chapter names are haikus makes it even better. 

#4: 2 Riordan books a year… what is this madness?

With The Trials of Apollo series and the Magnus Chase series that’ll be two books from Rick for the next few years at the least because you know he loves to just throw in those other books like ‘Percy Jacksons Greek Gods’ and such every now and then.

#5: Fimiliar characters!

We get to see everyone again! Percy, Annabeth, Hazel, Piper, Jason, Frank, NICO!!! Everyone! And Coach Hodge’s baby!!!!! Everything’s going perfect… well until Rick throws a ‘The Mark of Athen’ plot twist at us.img_3393-1I hope you guys like this new idea for a series on my blog!! Let me know, are you anticipating The Trails of Apollo? What is one reason why you are? Have a good day!


12 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why… I’m Excited For ‘The Trials Of Apollo’

  1. I want to read it, all of Riordan’s book TBH, but I have yet to even finish the lost hero series. **dies** Also, I wanted to mention that for your post title you accidentally put Trails and not Trials. Just FYI if you want to fix it.

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  2. I’m so happy about this post because I haven’t seen everyone hyping about this book and I’m so SO excited! I think I’ll preorder it today 😀 and I love this post idea definitely do that in the future as well!

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