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I’ve seen a lot of people doing this on book blogs, booktube and even bookstagam and today school got cancelled for me because of so much freezing rain so I thought why don’t I just hop on the bandwagon and do it too. πŸ˜‚ Here are twenty five bookish facts about me!!

#1: Harry Potter is and always will be my absolute favourite series in the whole wide world.

#2: I know a lot of people prefer reading paperbacks over hardcovers but I’m actually the opposite. I tend to get through hardcovers quicker for some reason and I like the way they feel in my hands while I’m reading them.

#3: I prefer to buy the hardcover of a book over the paperback because, like I said in fact #3, I read them faster. I also like the way they look on my shelf more. It’s definitely a more expensive taste of mine.

#4: Even though my favourite series is Harry Potter my favourite genre is actually contemporary.

#5: So far in 2016 I’ve given three books 5/5 stars, A Monster Calls, Love Letters to the Dead and The Book Thief.

#6: I actually can’t hold myself back from buying books it’s a problem, but then again they are books not anything bad so I don’t think it’s the worst problem a girl can have.

#7: I went to The Wizarding World of Hary Potter in February 2016 and it was the best place I’ve ever been to. I want to have my wedding and honeymoon there and also live there.

#8: I will write a book one day. It wil most likely be a contemporary because I feel like my writing style would go well with a contemporary story but who knows, one day I might have a Stephanie Meyer-like dream and write a urban fantasy saga.

#9: I’ve been slightly obsessing over The Book Thief for the past week and a half since I finished it. IT WAS JUST SO GOOD OKAY? I’ve recommended it to everyone I know, even if they don’t read because everyone needs to read it.

#10: While reading the Harry Potter books Ginny was my favourite character, but not in the movies, in the movies Hermione was my favourite and now I think my favourite character has shifted over to Hermione in both the books and movies but I still love Ginny very much.

#11: I buy most of my books from Chapter/Indigo even though it’s more expensive I love going to the book store and choosing the books I’m going to buy and walking around the store and feeling all the books and looking in the bargain sections. I just like going to the book store. I would shop at other book stores but there aren’t any near me, there was one and I went there all the time and bought most of my books from there but it closed down. 😦

#12: I’ve read The Fault in our Stars 35 times… Oops. It’s not even my favourite book, not even in my top 5 favourite contemporaries but in grade 7 when I first read it I was absolutely obsessed. It kind of introduced me to the world of young adult contemporaries and young adult in general so I hold it very close to my heart.

#13: There was a 2-2.5 year period in my life before grade 6 (which is when I started reading more and more and more) where I just reread Harry Potter over and over and over again. At one point I went through the books and wrote down the names of every single character mentioned in the books and I actually still have the lists of names in my closest. I also wrote a sog, well it was more of a jingle, about Cho Chang and I don’t even know why because I didn’t really like her too much. I definitely did not want her to be with Harry. #Hinny

#14: The Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus books got me really into Greek mythology back in grade 6 when I read them and I still love Greek mythology so much. We had a whole unit on it in English class this semester and we had to write a myth and it was great. I also got 100% on the unit test *pats myself on the back* so thanks to PJO for helping me out with that because unlike everyone else I know all the names, Greek and Roman of all the Gods and Godesses so I was all set.

#15: My favourite book of 2015 was Simon Vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda, it wonderful if you haven’t read it please drop everything now and go and read it. It’s an incredible adorable and diverse book that also brings up a lot of important things.

#16: I can’t resist buying a beautiful book… even if I own another edition of the book. Like last week I convinced my Dad to buy me the special anniversary edition of The Book Thief (thanks Dad) and it’s beautiful, 100% worth every penny.

#17: I want to go into publishing for a career because BOOKS.

#18: I have a hard time borrowing from the library because I like to own all my books although borrowing A Monster Calls was one of the best decisions because I read that book in less than 2 hours and fell in love. I still haven’t bought it though 😦 The last time I went to the book store it wasn’t there in hardcover with the beautiful pictures which is the edition I want it buy.

#19: I am actually in love with my book shelves. Just wanted to throw that in there.

#20: I feel bad for the books I read after reading a 5/5 star book because I feel like they will never be as good as the 5 star book I just read, I just can’t help comparing them to each other, especially if the 5 star book was exceptionally amazing *cough* The Book Thief *cough*

#21: I’m not saying this to upset anyone who likes this book but I absolutely despise Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. I read it las June (I think) and went through it fairly quickly but man oh man I could go on for hours talking about how much I don’t like that book. I read it before I started blogging so I don’t have a review for it or anything but I want to write a post on all my thoughts and feelings but I feel like if I do that it’ll be too negative of a post and I might hurt someon who likes the books feelings. On another note I haven’t seen the movie yet but I feel like when I watch it I will enjoy the movie while I’m watching it.

#22: I have approximately 230 books on my shelves but I also have a bunch of mass market paperbacks and middle grade books in my closet which I don’t count in my “how many books I own” tally.

#23: My Hogwarts house is Hufflepuff! Whoop Woop Hufflepuff pride!

#24: Eventually I want to have a wall of books in my room. I’m about 1 third of the way there. :S

#25: I am so happy I started this blog because it not only helps me discover more books to read but it also gives me a place to share and talk about all my bookish thoughts and feelings with other people who read as avidly as myself!


So there you have it! 25 bookish facts about me! It was kind of hard thinking up 25 facts and this post turned out kind of long but I hope you enjoyed it! How about you guys, what Hogwarts house are you in? Let me know in the comments and have a good rest of your Thursday!

21 thoughts on “25 Bookish Facts About Me | EmmaTheBookLover

  1. Harry Potter will forever be my favorite series too! I went to hp world October 2015 and have been wanting to go back ever since! I can actually relate to like half these facts lol πŸ˜‚
    great post! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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