Five Books YOU Should Read This Winter


Are you having trouble deciding what to read this winter? Do you just want a cute wintery contemporary or maybe a nice loooooong series? Well this is the post for you! Today I will be sharing some of my favourite books to read or reread in the winter, and I definitely encourage you to guve these all a read (or a reread if you’ve already read them) because they will get you right in the happy spirit of the holidays!  #1: Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling


If you have or haven’t read Harry Potter, and  if you are reading one book or the whole series, they are the perfect books to curl up with by the fire with a cup of tea/hot chocolate/coffee and read. 

 #2: Let It Snow by John Green, Lauren Myracle and Maureen Johnson 


This is an adorable contemporary that contains three storys revolving around different characters but it all comes together in the end, and best of all its set in the winter and has such a nice vibe to it!


#3: The Night Before Christmas by Clement Clarke Moore


I know this isn’t a YA/NA/middle grade novel but this is still a great Christmasy book to read this time of year! 

 #4: A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens 

I am actually currently reading this and I’ve obviously seen more than one of the movie adaptations but the book is a new experience and I’m loving it! 

 #5: My True Love Gave To Me by Various Authors 


Now I haven’t read this book (I know, I know, its on my Christmas list though!) but it just seems like the perfect contemporary to read around Christmas! Especially since its by some of my favourite authors, Rainbow Rowell, Jenny Han and David Levithan! 

 There you have it! Let me know in the comments if these are books you also like to read in the winter or other books you like to read and I hope you have a great day!

19 thoughts on “Five Books YOU Should Read This Winter

  1. Like you, I watched a lot of adaptions of A Christmas carol before reading it, I was suprised how faithful they stay to the book. I love how it’s a quick, straight to the point read. Perfect for Christmas.

    I really, really, really need to re-read the Harry Potter series too!

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      1. I was about 8 when I read the Harry Potter but I just reread them and reread them for about 2 years after that.

        My favourite Christmas Carol movie is the muppets one too!

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  2. I always read Harry Potter every heat near winter. It’s now become a family tradition. I haven’t read anything by John Green though. Maybe it’s the right time to start!

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  3. I love christmasy reads and so have read and loved both Let it Snow and My True Love Gave to Me – I’m already rereading some of my favourites from My True Love Gave to Me! I really need to read A Christmas Carol as I really like some of the film adaptations but have yet to read the actual book!

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